Sociology in Schools

Date 26/03/2022
Place Marino Institute of Education, Dublin

Call for Papers

Convenors: Dr Lisa Moran (VP SAI), Dr Aimie Brennan (Convenor PSPP Study
Group of the SAI) and Dr John O’Brien (SAI President)

This new conference brings together international educational research and teaching experts, to debatethe importance of sociology in post-primary schools in Ireland and internationally. It will offer perspectiveson the position of social and political education, including sociology, in the educational system of Irelandand of other countries. The place and status of the discipline in the second level curriculum; curriculumdesign and development; pupil engagement with the subject matter; the position of sociology in teachereducation and the challenges and opportunities for collaboration between teachers and third-leveleducators will be explored. Interactive sessions and keynote speakers will explore the following questions which are highly pertinent for the development of effective social and political, and sociological learning and teaching both in Ireland and internationally.

  • What is the status and position of sociology in the second level curricula in Ireland and internationally?
  • What constitutes effective curriculum development and design in politics, society and sociology?
  • How can schools and third level institutions work together to advance politics, society and sociology at post-primary levels and tertiary levels?
  • What are the challenges and enablers to effective online sociological teaching and learning duringCovid-19?
  • What are the broader sociocultural factors that shape and reflect teaching and learning sociology, including the ‘decolonisation’ of the curricula’, ‘hidden curricula’, policy contexts etc.?
  • What lessons can be learned by sharing insights from teachers, academics and subject level experts alike?
  • What research methods are applied by professional researchers to investigate various aspects of sociological teaching and learning at post-primary level (e.g. factors affecting pupil engagement, improved sociological teaching and learning practices in different countries/regions)

In sharing insights from educational leaders, sociological experts, and teaching professionals, from Ireland and internationally, this symposium will make an important contribution to research on the status of disciplines in the educational system, their needs and challenges, and curriculum development and design. It will advance discussion about factors that shape effective learning and teaching of society and politics and sociology in secondary schools.

We are calling for proposals for research papers, posters and proposals for interactive workshops and symposia from teachers, teacher educators, sociologists and others, that engage with the questions outlined above, as well as other critical issues pertaining to effective learning and teaching of politics, society and sociology in second level schools. We particularly welcome joint abstract submissions from teachers, sociologists, pupils and undergraduate /postgraduate researchers. This initiative is driven by our shared commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, enhancing student voices in curriculum design and development, trans-disciplinary approaches and methodological co-design.

Submission Guidelines

Please ensure that all submissions include:

  • The title of your submission
  • Names of all authors & Institutional Affiliation
  • Contact details
  • Brief description of the session (purpose, aims, questions)

The deadline for submissions is Friday 7 January 2022 at 5pm.
Please submit your abstract in a word doc. to the Conference email address before the deadline:

Keynote Speakers

Our invited speakers will reflect on what is needed at second level to enable students to fulfill their potential, to become actively engaged in social issues, to become ethically conscious and to be contributors to social change in our global world.

Dr Roland Tormey

Roland Tormey is a Senior Scientist in the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de
Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, where he also heads the Teaching Support
Centre. He previously worked in teacher education in the University of
Limerick (2004-2011) and in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick (1996-
2004), and in curriculum development with the NCCA (2000-2011) where
he was the curriculum developer responsible for the development of the
Senior Cycle Politics and Society curriculum. Much of his recent research is
focused on engineering education, specifically on the development of
ethical competence and of metacognition. He is also working on the
emotional experience of engineering education and has continued to work
on teacher learning and pedagogical development.

Dr Su-Ming Khoo

Su-ming Khoo is a Senior Lecturer in Political Science and Sociology, and
leads the Environment, Development and Sustainability (Whitaker Institute)
and Socio-Economic Impact (Ryan Institute) Research Clusters at NUI
Galway. She researches and teaches on human rights, human
development, public goods, development alternatives, decoloniality, global
activism, and higher education. To find out more about Su’s work see:

Dr Amit Singh

Amit Singh recently submitted his PhD in Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck
University of London and is the Project Director of the Connected
Sociologies Curriculum Project. He also runs a 22-week sociology
enrichment curriculum aimed at sixth formers at two schools in South and
East London titled “Race, Class & Society”. As part of this project, he has
designed an open-access 6-week Key Stage 3 History Unit for a school in
South London on “British Civil Rights”. To find out more about the project

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