Postgraduate Conference 2024

Date 24/02/2024
Place Department of Sociology. University of Limerick

SAI Postgraduate Conference

University of Limerick | 24 February 2024

Conference Theme

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Conference poster

The SAI’s 2024 annual PG conference at UL Department of Sociology focuses on the theme: Reshaping Boundaries: Sociological Perspectives on Globalization and Cultural Dynamics

This event invites scholars, students, and practitioners to a vibrant discussion exploring how globalisation transforms social spaces, cultural identities, and societal norms.

Our world today stands at a crossroads of cultural intersections and transformations. Global events – from the COVID-19 pandemic to the rise of digital communication platforms – have further blurred the lines between local and global, personal and communal, traditional and modern. Drawing inspiration from Kwame Anthony Appiah’s seminal work, “Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers” (2007) and Ulrich Beck’s work on the”Risk Society” (2009) where global risks and uncertainties – be they environmental, economic, or technological– necessitate a revaluation of our sociological approaches, and “Reflexive Modernization” (1994) underlines the importance of understanding how societies are transforming in response to these global risks our conference aims to delve into the complex issues of our time while embracing cultural diversity and recognising our shared humanity, providing a critical lens through which to examine today’s global cultural dynamics and challenges us to consider how individual identities and societal structures are being reshaped in the face of global forces.

The conference theme, “Reshaping Boundaries,” encourages a critical engagement with these concepts. It acknowledges the double-edged nature of globalisation: while it brings diverse cultures and communities together, it also presents unprecedented challenges and risks requiring nuanced understanding and response. Sociologists and related scholars are uniquely positioned to analyse and interpret the impact of global processes on local contexts and to explore how local actions can, in turn, influence global dynamics. This conference will serve as a vibrant platform for sharing research and insights, fostering a deeper understanding of our interconnected world through a sociological lens that combines Appiah’s cosmopolitanism with Beck’s insights into the risk society.

Set against this backdrop of evolving global scenarios, the conference is more than an academic gathering; it is a call to action for sociologists to engage with some of the most pressing issues of our time. By drawing from a diverse range of global and local experiences and perspectives, we aim to contribute to a more comprehensive and reflexive understanding of the societal changes we are witnessing. Join us in this vital dialogue as we explore the shifting landscapes of global interactions and their profound impact on cultural dynamics and social norms.

Building on the valuable feedback received during our last postgraduate conference, we are excited to introduce an innovative workshop format for the 2024 conference. This new format will allow participants to present their research and foster a more dynamic and interactive environment. Participants can submit their work in advance, along with any specific questions or discussion points they wish to explore. These submissions will form the basis of focused group discussions led by prominent academics in relevant fields. These sessions facilitate in-depth discussions, allowing for a deeper exploration of each topic in a collaborative, small-group setting. This approach aims to enrich the conference experience, encouraging more meaningful engagement and fostering a community of shared learning among attendees.

Info and Inquiries

Inquiries and Information

If you have any questions related to the conference, please contact Daniel Guigui, postgraduate representative of the SAI, via

We look forward to welcoming you to UL for the 2024 annual PG conference.