The AGM took place at the Annual SAI Conference and approved 3 motions as follows:

Motion 1: Constitutional amendment
That elections to the Executive Committee for named Officer positions may be carried out by electronic means where an Officer position is vacant after the AGM. [with immediate effect]
The amendment to the constitution would insert in clause 4, after “Elections to fill vacancies shall be held annually at the Annual General Meeting” the phrase “or by electronic means within the membership year of the AGM if vacancies in Executive Officer positions remain after the AGM, with members at the time of that AGM eligible to vote by such means.”

Motion 2: Change of membership fees
Institutions of higher education are invited annuallyl to support the SAI through subvention payment of 500 Euro. Supporting institutions are entitled to 20% discount on full memberships purchased in that membership year.
[This policy will require operationalisation, and the Executive will advise the mode of discounted payment in due course]

Motion 3: Policy
That the SAI promote the development of ‘study groups’ whereby members would convene to pursue common interests and emerging themes.

The Accounts for 2018 were also approved by the membership.